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Finding Me in Spite of Myself:

A Memoir by Beth Lowry

A survivor’s story of victory over domestic violence, physical suffering, and emotional bankruptcy, showing how she turned a nightmare into a dream come true. There is not always a clear beginning to the cycle of abuse. For some, it might start with the first bruise; for others, it starts with the subtleness of isolation, demeaning remarks, and financial control.

Beth never had a chance at a normal life. Riddled with abandonment, insecurity, and low self-esteem, she propelled herself into the arms of abusive men, from drug addicts to control freaks. Beth found little respite, save her love of horses and an uncanny talent for her work. As Beth moves from one abuser to the next, she seems bent on her own destruction and stares death in the face. Her recklessness catches up to her, and she finds that a most unexpected surprise may be the one thing to give her strength to end the cycle of her abuse.


Finding Me in Spite of Myself: A Memoir is one woman’s unapologetically honest account of perseverance amid her physical trials, addiction, and chronic depression. She shows us how she found relief from suffering, gained moral courage, and rallied as a single mother. You, too, can be a survivor, find happiness, and live life to the fullest. There is hope, and nothing is impossible.


About the Author

A survivor of three abusive relationships, Beth Lowry has passionately dedicated her life to helping abused women and children. In 2005, she founded the largest transitional housing program for victims of domestic violence in Middle Tennessee. Beth is the recipient of the Sui Juris Award through the Tennessee Coalition of Domestic Violence  and the Edith Surgin Activist Award through the National Organization for Victim Assistance. Beth and her husband reside on a farm outside of Nashville, where she enjoys her horses and trail riding.


Beth’s memoir is a magnetic true story about living with and escaping several abusive relationships. The book portrays her journey through adulthood, specifically as she succeeds in her career as a domestic violence specialist after overcoming sexual abuse and addiction, severe trauma, and living with mental illness.



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